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One Price Diamond Burs for all shapes & sizes
                              Within the Dental Industries Worldwide, there are thousands of  
                               brands of Dental Diamond Burs and there are yet, even more
                               newly established Diamond Burs launched monthly.  However,
                               there are many fake and imitated Diamond Burs, imitating from
                               the long established prestigious brands that has quality and
                               established Dental Markets.

Hence, it is indeed, a tedious and hard decision for many Dental Distributors and Dentists as well, throughout the World, to decide and purchase brands that are quality tested and purchased from a reliable suppliers only. Trust has become the key factor.

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Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs are manufactured by King Diamond Instruments Co., Ltd., a wholely owned subsidiary of Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. that has won top number one position in the USA Bur Test among 14 top Brands from USA, Europe and Japan. Kaiser Dental Diamond Bur is a Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Manufacturer of High Precision Dental Diamond Burs.

Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs
are priced much lower than most European and US Brands, and comparatively lower and cheaper in price than the Japanese Brands that are the major Diamond Burs consumed with over 70% Market Share. Surprisingly Kaiser Burs are at Disposable Diamond Burs Price, just One-Price only for all Shapes and Sizes.

Kaiser High Speed Dental Diamond Burs are always Sharper, More Durable and Last Longer than brands commonly found in the Dental Market, due to the application of new pioneering manufacturing and bonding of Diamond grits at King Diamond Instruments Co., Ltd.

Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs are Multi-Layered Diamond Grits over the Bur Shank and with an overcoat of Nickel plating on surface, thus prevent vibration trauma during surgery.

Kaiser Diamond Dental Burs are available in a vast range of shapes and Diamond Grit sizes in both Standard (FG 314) and Short-Shanks (FG 313). Kaiser Diamond Dental Burs also manufacture a range of Gold-Plated Diamond Burs as well as HP Laboratory Diamond Burs and RA (Right-Angled) Slow-Speed Diamond Burs for Dental Colleges and Dental Universities. Kaiser Diamond Dental Burs have a completely new range of  Super-Coarse Diamond Burs with Black-Ring  (affix XC to Standard Burs) since January 2007.

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Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs are genuinely Thai FDA certified manufacturer of Dental Diamond Burs and Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs has superior cutting quality that supercedes not only the Japanese made brands, but also supercedes many prestigious European brands, with at least a minimum of ten (10) times usage, with money back guarantee or 300% product replacement. Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs are genuine ISO 13485 and CE Mark certified products, that offer just a 0ne price policy for all shapes and sizes. Kaiser Dental Diamond Bur has more than 1,200 Diamond Burs Shapes and Sizes.

Kaiser Diamond Burs has passed Test on Cytotoxicity under ISO 10993-5:1999,
Primary Skin Iritation ISO 10993-10:2002 and Skin Sensitisation ISO 10993-10:2002

CE Mark
ISO 13485
 CE Mark
 ISO 13485
 ISO 9001:2008
 URS ISO 9001
 Thai FDA Certificates
 Thai Board of Trade
Kaiser Diamond Dental Burs has been approved for Sales and Distribution to the Medical and Dental Universities and Colleges and Dentist within the European Union Member Countries, Russian and Eastern European Republic and the North and South American Domestic Market, as well as Middle Eastern Countries and all over Asia as per Certificates of approval for all these countries.

Hence, this is the Testimonial or Guarantee that Kaiser Diamond Dental Burs has passed strict Medical test and are in compliance with International Standards for any countries importation.

Thai FDA
Thai FDA 2
BOT Member
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 9001:2008