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About Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs
Almost each and every Website or majority of the Websites on Diamond Burs, accessable in the World Wide Web (www), do proclaim to have produce or manufacture a Superior, Excellent, or Best Burs in the World.

To most Distributors of Diamond Burrs or to a novice or professional Dentist, it is indeed a very difficult and tedious task to deduce, the proclaimed Bur quallity. Even with Bur samples acquired through these websites, what a Distributor could do, is to hand it out to a close or reliable practising Dentist to test out these Bur quality. And, what a practising Dentist could do, is to perform them on their dental patients, that will take weeks to feed back the results. And these results will still not be accurately assessed, because each and every dental patient do have slightly different tooth conditions, that some may takes 20 minutes and another may be an hour or more. Hence, most and very often, Dentist reported back to most Wholesale Distributor of dental products, the said sample Bur quality is "ok", "not bad", "good", "better than such brand", but could not specifically deduce, if it is "Excellent", "Superb Bur", or "best Bur I have ever used" etc. etc.

To become the best judge oneself, trying to professionally evaluate a Diamond Bur quality, one has to use a Dentist Handpiece and snap on the Diamond Bur, and keep continueously grinding on any Nickel Coin (almost every country has Nickel Coins or Dime). Nickel is just slightly harder than the teeth.

Observe while grinding, with a Timer (Stop Watch), any vibration on the Handpiece ?, the abrasiveness in cutting, the surface of Coin being cut, and lastly the duration time that it has lost its cutting power (all diamond powder flake-off, loosened out), and the Bur become bald.

Test another brand of Diamond Bur that one has in mind to compare, and test them continuously on the Nickel Coin as before. Within an Hour's time, one could judge wisely, which brand of Bur supercede in quality than another brand of Diamond Bur. And lastly, one has to check the price against the brand's quality. Generally Good Diamond Burs are much more expensive than Disposable Burs or Burs manufactured from developing countries.

Kaiser Dental Daimond Burs
, quarantee that one will be surprised to find out Kaiser Bur has supercede the Bur quality against many big brand names from Japan, Europe and America, and with a very reasonable Asian produced Bur price. Do not stop here, send us an email for free samples to evaluate Kaiser Burs, The best Diamond Bur in the Wolrd.

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