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Kaiser Denatl Diamond Bur Services
Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs with purchase order quantity of 10,000 pieces or 3,400 Boxes of 3-pieces packing, weight just 25 Kilograms in one-export pack Carton Box for courier export. Place the order according to the ISO No. or in our own Catalogue Code No.

Shipment by either Postal EMS or by TNT, FEDEX, DHL etc. with each Carton Box, weight not more than 25 Kilograms.

KaiserDental Diamond Burs
has over 1,200 types of Bur Shapes and Sizes. Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs could custom made, or OEM, Diamond Burs of your choice. Just send us samples of the Diamond Burs you wished to be custom made and email ISO details etc. and we will deliver the exact shapes and sizes with super precision in price and quality.

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Disposable Diamond Burs : Due to much campaigne and TV coverage, the Trend towards Dentist using Disposable Diamond Burs at low price cost seems a wonderful concept. However, unlike Dental-Napkin, Tissue Head-Rest, Saliva Ejector, Rubber Hand Gloves etc. whereby one time usage is very hygenic and recommended.

However, in the Dental Market today, there are so many brands of Sub Standard
Diamond Burs
at very low price cost,
but could not even be used to complete one Dental Surgery job, and need 2 or more Diamond Burs only to complete the same surgery. And, since there is no "Bur Standards" like the "Diamond Grading Standards", hence to classify or identify good Diamond Burs that could be used for just One-Time Usage as "Disposable Diamond Burs" seems a most difficult task to many Dentist and Dental Distributors. Good Europeaan Brands has good quality but at super high price that could not be used as a one-time usage Disposable Burs. Kaiser (FG) Diamond Burs give this valuable options to Dentist with a Superb High Quality at Disposable Diamond Burs Price. Contact us for more info.

is the hardest substance in the world and its Industrial Grade is used in    manufacturing Diamond Tools within all types of Industries.

 The Moh's Scale of Mineral Hardness goes as follows;

 1) : Talc : Talcum Powder
 2) : Gypsum : Plaster of Paris
 3) : Calcite : Limestone and most Shells contain Calcite
 4) : Fluorite : Fluorine in Flourite prevents tooth decay
 5) : Apatite : Glass
 6) : Orthoclase : Orthoclase is a Feldspar
 7) : Quartz : Amethyst, Citrine, Agate
 8) : Topaz : Emerald, Aquamarine are varieties of Beryl
 9) : Corundum : Ruby, Sapphires are varieties of Corundum. Twice as hard as Topaz
 10) : Diamond : Used in Jewelry and Cutting Tools. Four times as hard as Corundum

However, within Diamond, especially Synthetic Diamond, again it has a scale ofNo. 1 to No. 10 for its Brittleness to Toughness. No. 1 is most Brittle i.e. it iseasily breakable when it is crushed or knock upon. Too Brittle will see Diamondbroken down (thus with new abrasive face that is sharp) too quickly, shatteredand washed off. No. 10 is very Tough that could not be broken easily, uponknocking or crushing upon, but then its corners are smoothern, round-off, withoutits abrasive sharpness as cutting power.