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Kaiser Bur FAQ & Customer Support
Most Dentist are experienced practitioners and have used many brands of Diamond Burs expertly. The first instinct reaction for a Dentist on any new Diamond Bur, is to check on the Diamond Bur prices, to see if it is reasonably, not too expensive and has a certain quality criteria. 

King Diamond Instruments Co., Ltd
. produce  not only an excellent, superior and best quality Diamond Bur that is manufactured in Thailand, but also offers a Diamond Bur, with an affordable good price, much cheaper than most European and US Burs, for Dentist as end users and for Dental Distributors with a good profit margin.
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Why Dentist buy Kaiser Diamond Burs  ?

King Diamond Instruments Co., Ltd. bought the latest Technological Diamond Bonding and Nickel Plating Process and is a Multi International FDA Certified Manufacturer of High Precision Dental Diamond Burs. Hence, you can be assured that Kaiser Diamond Burs are advanced Technological Products. Soon, Kaiser Dental Burs will be on most Dentist hand-piece and it is the only Bur product that Dentist will sought from Distributors and Dealers of Diamond Dental Burs in their area.
How's Kaiser Diamond Burs quality against price ?

The Pioneering Technological Diamond Bonding Process uses Moulds that could Bond and Plate Diamond Burs by the hundreds at one time, against conventional manufacturer that bond and plate Diamond Burs by a piece by piece process. Kaiser Dental Burs are guaranteed sharper, and last much more longer than other brands of Diamond Burs, even up to Ten (10) times longer than Disposable Diamond Burs, saving Dentist time and money with great satisfaction. Kaiser Diamond Burs vouch for its Product Quality with Full Money Back Guarantee or 300% Product Replacement.

Kaiser Diamond Burs
are priced much lower than most European and US Brands, and comparatively lower and cheaper in price than the Japanese Brands that are the major Diamond Burs consumed with over 70% Market Share. Surprisingly Kaiser Dental Diamond Burs are at Disposable Diamond Burs Price, just One-Price for all Shapes and Sizes.
Is it safe and efficient to use Kaiser Diamond Burs  ?

Kaiser Diamond Dental Burs have evenly Multi-Layered Diamond grits over the upper stainless steel shank and with the Nickel plating coated layer, prevents any Vibrational Trauma during Surgical use. Kaiser Diamond Burs ensures superb cutting and polishing efficiency, creating a neat, smooth and calibrated cut surface.

What are the Test Certificates and Approval Authorities appraised Kaiser Diamond Burs ?

Kaiser Diamond Burs are approved by over 46 Countries around the world. Many FDA of each country has approved Kaiser Diamond Burs for import and Free sales within the country. CE Mark, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2000, CMDCAS 13485:2003, and Cytotoxicity, Skin Irritation and Skin Sensitisation test are performed and passed by Kaiser Diamond Burs.
Kaiser One-Price Policy. No hassle in stock and cost problem.

Kaiser Diamond Burs offers one-price policy for the full range of Diamond Burs, be it in Standards, Coarse, Super Coarse, Fine or Super Fine or be it in round, flat-end, flame or inverted cone etc. Hence, managing your stock and costing is very easy and profits from costing is within finger-reach.

No more hesitation. This is your best choice and best Bur with best price available in market.

Browsing through till now, are you still not convinced yet? You have associated and used in the Dental market many brands already. No harm trying Kaiser Diamond Burs out to see the difference or are Kaiser Diamond Burs just blowing their loud horn too loud?

For the durability, safety and price-wise (Neither European/US nor Japanese prices), you need not think twice or pursue further elsewhere. Just contact us at email : info.crosstech@gmail.com

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